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Danger Of Play Money Poker

Obviously, play money and real money poker are completely different in terms of game play and winning strategies. You will note the difference immediately after starting your first real money game after certain experience with play money poker. The purpose of this article is to explain how play money games can affect your understanding of the game play and to prevent you from a very common mistake made by the majority of novice poker players, who seriously believe that winning at play money tables may help them to earn in real money games. A play money player dealt with two aces will definitely push his hand to the showdown and won't get frustrated, when somebody will beat him with three-of-a-kind, but such careless strategy is unacceptable at real money tables, when your real money bankroll is at stake. Key difference between play money and real money poker players is that play money players frequently go all-in and hope to get lucky, while real money players rarely rely on luck.

Start treating your play money like real money from the very first game you play (or since this moment) and try to move to real money games as soon as possible. Treating play money as real money will somewhat prepare you to real money games. Watch you play money opponents – those who make stupid bets, calls and rises will never play for real money, while those, who treat their play money as real money are just few steps away from a real money table. Poker pros never rely on luck, they expect to win, so if you are going to become a professional, you mustn't consider luck as your only way to win. Of course you can get lucky and get dealt three strong hands in a row, but that is not a rule, just an exception.

First of all, you must understand that play money games are only suitable for learning basic rules of the game, get used to the software and finally practice new strategies and tricks – that's it. Staying at play money tables for an extended period of time may affect right understanding of the game and result in serious losses at real money tables. In order to understand why play money games are dangerous for novice players, read the following key differences between play money and real money games.

Play money poker players are playing just for fun are completely careless about their play money bankroll making causeless calls and rises and playing each, even worthless hands, to the showdown. Getting used to such loose and inexperienced opponents is very dangerous, because you won't meet any green player at real money tables, facing just tight and aggressive players who aren't nearly as stupid as the majority of play money players. That is why I've already told that you must treat your play money as real money from the very beginning of your career.

Your goal is to learn the basics of the game and quickly advance to real money poker. Don't be afraid of losing some money at the beginning of your career. Start with low-limit games and keep playing until you start earning some money, or at least keeping to your initial bankroll. Never hesitate to learn new strategies and tricks from reliable sources, such as Real Money Poker Guide, where you can find plenty of useful information and tips from successful poker pros.

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