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Earning Money With Free Play Slots

Free play slots take all the excitement and action of playing slot machines and remove all the downside risk, allowing users to play for free. Often, these don’t pay out in cash, and are simply for entertainment purposes, which allows those that don’t want to or can’t afford to lose money to join in the thrill of playing slots. However, with the rise of gambling online and the development of various new technologies, it’s is actually possible to find free play slots sites that do provide cash prizes, funded through more innovative means that a straightforward pay per play.

Free Play Slots

One of the most common ways of funding free slot prizes is through collecting and selling user information, such as email addresses, which can then be used by marketers to send promotional messages. These can emanate from either the site owner, who may be pushing a sign-up to a poker room, online casino or sports book (which often pays out around £30 per new signup) through an affiliate link. For those sites that don’t want to pursue this path, there is also a market for others to rent or buy email lists for marketing purposes, which in itself provides part funding for the cash prizes on offer.

Another way in which free play slots can payout is through leveraging CPM advertising, and even to a lesser extent affiliate marketing (particularly promoting online casinos and poker rooms). CPM advertising pays the website operator per thousand views – thus by maximizing the number of users on the site playing free play slots and games, it’s possible to offer small prizes subsidized by the income from advertising revenue.

Alternatively, some sites offer points in their free play slots, which can then be converted into tickets for a prize draw at a later point, thus allowing the operator to work within the boundaries of several different revenue streams to deliver cash prizes. Again, this allows the operator to explore a range of business models in actually raising the money, including pay per impression advertising and toolbar downloads.

Obviously, the prizes with free pay slots can never be in the same league as pay slots, who accumulate a far greater total pot from their pay per play model, but as website monetization becomes more sophisticated, future generations of free play slots online may very well offer more significant prizes to their players.

Free play slots are a great way for anyone to enjoy playing slots, or to experience the excitement or real-time slot machine gameplay. While in most circumstances they are equivalent to an online game, and are just for fun, it is possible to find free play slots that do payout, albeit less significant prizes, on the basis of more complex revenue models to allow users to win money with absolutely no downside risk – win/win for all parties involved. Provided you do your homework and end up playing with a reputable operator online, it is feasible to find free play slots that payout cash prizes online.


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