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Finding Greener Grass

You’re playing poker online, and normally, online poker hands is all about instant gratification (like online anything else). But this time you’re actually stuck waiting for a seat to open up in your game of choice: 6-max $100NL hold’em. After the longest minute of waiting in your life, you take a seat at your new tableTough Start

Your elation is quickly eclipsed by disappointment. Occasionally, getting caught bluffing or calling with the worst hand can have a positive impact on your table image. However, getting off to a really bad start is a very difficult handicap to shed, and it’s one that you’ve just given yourself in your first 10-15 minutes at the table – having dumped $200 on some very poor play.

You’re not handicapped because of the money you’ve already lost, and how you’ll have to play winning poker hand from this point forward just to have a shot at breaking even for the session. Remember, each session is just part of the proverbial life-long session. Instead, you’re handicapped because of the psychological edge that your opponents currently have over you. They are mentally alert – like sharks honing in for the kill. You are dumbfounded, as if you just took a surprise punch to the stomach.

You look at the lobby to see if any other 6-max $100NL hold’em seats have opened. Unfortunately, all the tables are still full, and you put yourself on the 6-max $100NL hold’em waiting list. Just Leave

Congratulations for being honest about your situation and realizing that you need to find a different table. With so many poker sites, and so many tables at each site, there’s never a need to battle through a bad table image that you create from a few early mistakes. The mistake that everyone makes here, and the one that I want you to avoid, is continuing to sit and play at the really tough table you’ve created for yourself while you wait for your seat at another table. Leave your bad table immediately, and give yourself a few moments to compose yourself so that you can enter your new table with a refreshed mindset.Discipline

Not playing beyond your bankroll; not becoming a compulsive gambler; having the willingness to lay down a great hand to an even better hand; table selection. A profitable poker player is a disciplined poker player. When the grass isn’t very green where you currently are, get up and find some greener grass.

Tony Guerrera

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