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How to play 3 card Manila

3 Card Manila is played the same way as 2 Card Manila except each player initially receives three cards and the deck may include 6's.

At the showdown players use any two of their three hole cards with any three cards from the five community cards to form a five card poker hand.

Only One Blind

1. In 3 Card Manila players are dealt 3 cards one at a time starting with the blind.

2. Flop comes down one at a time until 5 community cards are face up on the table. There is a burn card between each community card, making a total of 4 burn cards.

3. In 3 Card Manila, 2 of the 3 hole cards must be used, as well as 3 from the board

4. In 3 Card Manila, an ace may only count high in a straight. For example: A, 7, 8, 9, 10 is NOT a straight. The only time you can use A in a straight is 10, J, Q, K, A

5. 3 Card Manila shall be played with a reduced deck of 36 cards, with the maximum number of players being 9.

9 players x 3 cards = 27

Community + burn cards = 9

Total = 36

6. A flush beats a full house in any reduced deck game.

7. The betting structure for £2 manila is £2, £4, £4, £4, £8 and £5 manila is £5, £10, £10, £10, £20

8. Only one blind, before cards are dealt. (eg £2), all players can either call the £2, raise to £6 or fold.

9. After all bets are called, a card is burnt, and the second community card is dealt.

10. Players can either, check, bet (£4) or fold. same thing up to 5 cards. The bet on the fifth card is now £8

11. The amount you can raise on the first round is double the blind and added onto the blind, so in a £2 game the raise would be £4 making the total to call £6. On a £5 blind, the raise is £10, making it £15 in total to call. All subsequent rounds, the raise is only double; for example: The bet is £4, first raise to make it £8, second raise to £12. Only 3 raises per round permitted when there are more than 2 players in the game.

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