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How to play Draw Poker

1. To start the game, two players at the table make a small bet, or ‘blind wager’, before receiving any cards. Each player seated in the game takes a turn at placing such a wager.

2. Players first receive five cards dealt face down. Players pick up the cards and look at them and then decide if they wish to stay in the game. If so, a bet must now be placed.

3. Once all bets are called the first round of betting is complete.

4. Players may now choose to exchange with the dealer any number of cards from their hand. This is known as 'the draw'.

5. Once the draw is complete a second round of betting takes place.

6. If all bets are called there is a ‘showdown’.

7. The winner is the player with the highest ranking hand.

(8. If only one player remains (for example, no ‘showdown’) they will win the pot without having to expose their cards.)

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