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France to police entry of online casino operators

France has made an astute choice of allowing online casinos to operate on its territory in a controlled and regulated entry. The French National Crime Commission has worked out a list of standards that will meet the worries of people as the gambling sites are allowed to gain contact with the French people.

Alain Bauer, President of the French National Crime Commission has developed some necessary measures that are needed to be taken as the French market is slowly opening the doors to online gambling sites.

The country will create an agency for making the rules and which will also act as a monitor and will grant licenses to the sites seeking entry into the country. The sites in turn will have to make their servers available to this agency, in order that the sites software and accounts can be audited and monitored for fraud and/or cheating.

Online casinos that have been in existence for a period of seven years or more will be allowed to apply for the licenses. The online sites will be required to open and be transparent in their dealings. They will also be required to give full information about their investors and shareholders. People working for them will be required to pass background tests.

Players from France registering on these sites would be required to submit a legal form of identification that will include a French bank account and the issuing of a distinct PIN for activation and play at the site. The rule would also require the sites to spot and stop problem gamblers from gambling.

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