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Term Description
B&M Brick and Mortar
bb Big Blind
ev Expected Value
gg Good Game - Usually said at the conclussion of a tournament
gh Good Hand
gp Good Play
gtg Got To Go - A Player is leaving
haha Giggling, usually expressed to a player that got lucky.
lol Laugh Out Loud - Usually from a player that responds to good humor from another player or mocks his own bad luck.
mtt Multi-Table Tournament
nh Nice hand
nl No Limit
omg Oh My God - Used when a good hand is beaten by an even better hand, also known as a bad beat.
otb On the Button
pl Pot Limit
sb Small Blind
SNG Sit'n'Go Tournament
str8 Straight
ty Thank You - Comment from a player who has just won a big pot (various versions of this are used).
utg Under the Gun
uw You Wish.
vnh Very Nice Hand
wp Well Played.
wtf What the f***?
wtg Way To Go - Congratulatory remark from one player to another.
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