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Power Of Execution

If you ask a rookie player why this and that and the other guy are superior players, most probably he'll tell you that it's because this and that and the other guy know that much more about the game.

Good poker players certainly know more about the game than rookies, but is simply "knowing" enough to make someone a winner?

Consider the following scenario: Player A and player B are faced with the same situation.( let's suppose they're not at the same table but rather that they play at two different tables right next to each other) they both know the only other guy left in the hand has very little to go forth on, but they also know they'd lose in case of a showdown to these guys.

The mathematically sound decision here, is to bluff and make the other guys fold. Both A and B realize this. They both pull out their best bluff-selling suits and indeed succeed in taking the pot. So far so good, but oops, there's a small difference. A won $50 and B won $20. ( of course we also assume that they were playing the same stakes) How's that possible? In a copycat situation A won twice as much as B did. And they both made the same – correct – decision.

The only way to explain this situation ( which is, by the way perfectly plausible) is that there was something different about the execution, namely the way they both sold their bluff. A took a different approach and won twice as much as B did on the same type of hand, under similar circumstances. That's the power of execution in action right there.

Execution is what makes it very difficult if not entirely impossible for two players faced with the same predicament to walk out with similar results.

There are so many variables involved in execution, that after a careful analysis of both factors, I'd say execution is more important than sheer knowledge. As it generally happens in life, there's hardly any good in knowing something if one then fails to follow through on that knowledge and execute properly.

After all, knowledge is something everyone can sooner or later get, but the talent to execute properly is something a player needs to be born with, or develop through countless hours of tough work. This is where another important factor - discipline – comes into the equation. Discipline is the bridge between knowledge and proper execution. It all looks so simple laid out this way, the only problem is, it's much more complicated in reality. The game of poker is designed in a way that it takes players on an emotional roller-coaster ride.

Being able to keep a cool head under such circumstances is a luxury only a few can enjoy. There are so many little temptations and a constant poking at one's self-confidence, that for a regular rookie it's downright impossible to do the right thing most of the time ( I didn't say "constantly" on purpose). Even if our rookie makes it past these temptations, the luck factor will come in and put another thorn in his tender side. When playing online poker, one needs to understand the luck factor, and also the effects it can have on his carefully crafted game-strategy. The luck factor is there and yes sometimes you will lose hands on account of extreme bad luck.

If this makes you tilt, then you're better off shutting the client down and going for a walk. Seasoned pros know how to deal with this luck factor in front of which most rookies are completely defenseless. Again, it all comes down to discipline and proper execution despite the bad luck, and again knowledge has nothing to do with it. If you intend to become a good poker player, by all means do study and keep yourself informed.

There are a whole bunch of knowledge-dependent factors that can change the odds you're faced with ( pot odds calculation, rakeback, table selection, starting hand selection etc...) but you should assign execution a far bigger importance. Execution is really tough to learn, and only by mastering it can you truly become a better-than average poker player and thus a winner.

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