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Beware Sudden Aggression On The Turn And River Online Poker Article

Very early this morning, I was coaching a shorthanded $100 no-limit hold’em player on Bodog Poker. Because I was sick and trying to keep track of all three of his tables, I don’t remember the precise board poker hands involved. But I do remember the action that took place.

The flop was something like 9?6?3?. I just remember that it was a nine-high board, and that the board was all hearts. My player had QJ, and after raising preflop from late position, he was heads-up with position. Action went check-check on the flop (you don’t want to continuation bet 100% of the time). An offsuit queen fell on the turn. The early position player checked, my player bet around $4 into an approximately $6 pot, and his opponent raised to about $9.

Before I had a chance to tell my player that his pair of queens was no good, my player said something like “what the hell can this guy have…this guy has to be putting a move on me…I call.” The river was some non-heart. My player’s opponent led about 1/3 pot, and my player instacalled. My head was buried in my hands, and I didn’t need to see the showdown, but I did want to see if his opponent had two pair, trips, or a flushy flush. I looked at my screen, and saw that his opponent had Q9…two pair.

The player I coach is a winning player, but his game has some problems. Occasionally, one of them is not giving opponents credit when they show aggression on the turn and the river…especially when they haven’t shown much interest in the hand to that point. Since working with me, he’s much better about it, but occasionally, he gets stubborn and thinks that everyone is suddenly “master of turn and river buffs.” And of course, once he gets stubborn, I get to say “see, I told you so” after the showdown…it’s amazing that I get paid to scold people older than myself!

Most poker players aren’t very tricky…especially if you’re playing $200NL or below. They don’t like risking lots of chips on naked bluffs. Bets on the turn and the river represent more monetary risk because the bigger size of the pot demands bigger bets. If an opponent is making large bets on the turn and the river, or if an opponent raises you on the turn or the river, that player has at least two pair. This is the default profile you should assign all opponents. Only assume that a player is making moves when he’s habitually aggressive. If a player only responds to aggression with aggression on the turn and the river periodically, then credit him with the goods and move on.

Article Source: Tony Guerrera

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