Top 5 Favourite Slots Games

Online slots are one of the main areas of online hobby gaming, attracting those that enjoy the thrill of playing slots for cash prizes. Thanks to intense competition across the market, there are literally hundreds of different types of games and different styles of slots you can play, and knowing which are the best way to spend your time and money is no easy task.  That’s why we’ve put together a quick top 5 most playable, most popular online slot games, so you can get a flavour of what you might expect with some of the Internet’s most commonly played slot formats.

Jacks or Better

Based on a simple card game, the Jacks or Better slot game is one of the most popular online, with many die-hard fans. Simply make the right call on the card based format in order to cash in on the jackpots available.  Depending on where you play, you can take advantage of large prizes and progressive jackpots from playing this highly entertaining online slots format.

Striking Sevens

Based on the classic arcade style slot machine, Striking Sevens is a game that requires players to match number 7 symbols to win prizes, Unlike more contemporary slots games, Striking Sevens has that retro feel and appeal, and as a result is a uniquely favourite, straightforward game for players the world over to enjoy. As a result, its easily one of our top 5 recommendations, and is easy to play and simple to understand for even total slots beginners.

Cleopatra 2

An Egyptian themed slots game, after the famous queen Cleopatra, Cleopatra 2 is a favourite slots game amongst many thousands of online gamers worldwide.  A 5-reel game with some 20 different pay lines, Cleopatra 2 gives the gamer more opportunities to win cash prizes than other rival games, and having built on the original Cleopatra slots game, the sequel is now even more robust and gamer-friendly.


Monopoly slots can be amongst some of the richest pay slots online, offering gamers the chance to win significant prizes from their Monopoly-theme online slots play.  Based on the best selling, internationally successful board game, Monopoly slots are popular amongst both Monopoly fans who enjoy the original game, and online gambling enthusiasts who appreciate the profit potential from playing Monopoly slots games.


Another wildly popular and favourite slots variation is Cludeo, a slots game based on the original murder mystery board game concept. Fun for budding sleuths everywhere, the Cluedo slots game uses the original as a basis for its theme and design, but underneath presents a really competitive slots game with multiple different reels and pay lines for gamers to benefit from.

While this is a list of our top 5 most popular online slots games, that’s not to say that any of the rest of the games out there are worth any less.  In fact, most slots enthusiasts will have their own top 5 games, and so it pays to check out as many different variations of the online slot machine as you can until you find a game that is both high paying and fun for you to play.

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