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Online Bingo stats are up, and so are Galas!

It is well known fact that offline bingo halls are struggling all over the country, and online bingo popularity is on the up week by week. However, Gala Bingo is currently going against the grain and has a massive boost in figures for players attending one particular venu down in Peteborough. The regular bingo players at Gala Bingo in Peterborough have been joined by more and more people keen to take part in the atmosphere, special offers and of course the excellent bingo games and facilities, so much so that the management of the Gala bingo Club in Peterborough have even needed to turn bingo players away as they have reached their maximum venue capacity.

This reversal of excellent fortune for Gala Bingo has been interesting to say the least, from attendance numbers dropping to only 100 people in 2007 after the smoking ban - the club has strived to put things back on track and now the club attendance figures have risen by an outstanding 400% increase!

This huge turnaround has been by the dedication and hard work of the Gala Bingo  staff but also by the implementation of special offers and promotions to attract new players.

If you want to read more on why Gala bingo is so popular check out our review and see what special promotions are on offer.

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