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Betting activity on the chances of alien life being found in the next three years

Paddy Power

Bookmakers Paddy Power today reported a meteor-storm of betting activity on the chances of alien life being found in the next three years!

Bets came flying in after spectacular pictures of an unidentified object were captured travelling across the River Liffey in Dublin on New Years Day.

The odds on little green men arriving on the emerald isle or anywhere in the world before 2013 have now collapsed to just 100/1 from 500/1!

But even though punters seem convinced the pictures are the real deal bookies Paddy Power aren’t so sure and are betting 1/3 the triangular formation of lights was actually a military aircraft. The other likely explanation could be Chinese lanterns at 8/1.

Paddy Power said:

Light’s in the sky on New Years Day, sounds like fireworks to me! Clearly a lot of our punters are convinced there is something more to these pictures but if there is I won’t be hanging around to pay out bets. I’ll be running straight for the hills!

Alien Life
100/1 Existence of Alien Extraterrestrial Life to be proven by 2013 (From 500/1)

What was it?
1/3 Military Aircraft
8/1 Chinese Lanterns
10/1 Fireworks
12/1 Shooting Stars
100/1 Alien Spaceship
Others on request

Which country will have 1st Contact?
9/4 Ireland
3/1 USA
5/1 Russia
6/1 China
8/1 England
10/1 Australia
12/1 Brazil
14/1 France
16/1 Germany
18/1 South Africa
20/1 Wales
25/1 Scotland

When will Alien Extraterrestrial Life be proven?
500/1 2010
250/1 2011
200/1 2012
175/1 2013
150/1 2014
125/1 2015
100/1 2016
80/1 2017
66/1 2018
50/1 2019
1/50 2020 or Later


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