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Bodog have the poker tournaments that will get you started

If you are a beginner to poker and are looking for some starter tournaments to get your teeth into, Bodog have the poker tournaments that will get you started on successful tournament play.

As a new player to poker, you may often hear from more experienced players that you have to pay for your poker education, as it is through gaining experience playing that you will become a seasoned and successful player.

A typical poker tournament will pay somewhere around the top 8% to 15% of finishers - meaning that when playing in these tournaments, you must outlast 92% to 85% of your opponents.

For a beginner player looking to enjoy the excitement of tournament poker, this can be a daunting task to make the money along with a steady bankroll.

By playing in Bodog’s Beginner Tournaments; you have up to twice the chance to make it into the money when comparing the number of payouts to a typical tournament. With the prize structure of these events, up to twice as many players are paid - so you’ll make the money more frequently; preserving your poker bankroll as you learn the game.


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