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Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is now second favourite to win the Republican nomination

Paddy Power

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Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is now second favourite to win the Republican nomination according to international betting firm Paddy Power. The mother of five is now at odds of 4-1 just behind race favourite Mitt Romney at 11-4.

Palin’s forthcoming engagement as main speaker at a Republican dinner in Des Moines, Iowa has fuelled speculation over whether she will run for president in 2012 and has resulted in Paddy Power cutting her odds from 6-1 to 4-1 to win the Republican nomination, with the betting firm also offering odds of 5-1 that Palin will use the Iowa event as the platform to announce that she is seeking the Republican nod.

Paddy Power said “Sarah Palin is obviously playing her cards quite close to her chest but recent betting trends suggest that people believe she may just be the shot in the arm needed by the Republicans”

Paddy Power Betting
Republican Nominee
11/4 Mitt Romney
9/2 Sarah Palin
6/1 Mike Huckabee
8/1 Tim Pawlenty
8/1 John Boehner
8/1 John Thune
12/1 Newt Gingrich
12/1 Haley Barbour
12/1 Mitch Daniels
14/1 David Petraeus
16/1 Fred Thompson
16/1 Bill Owens
16/1 Bobby Jindal
16/1 Jon Huntsman
18/1 Chuck Hagel
20/1 Rudolph Giuliani
20/1 Jeb Bush
20/1 Lindsey Graham
20/1 Chuck Baldwin
20/1 Scott Brown
25/1 Tom Ridge
25/1 Ron Paul
33/1 John McCain
33/1 Condoleezza Rice
33/1 George Allen
33/1 John Ensign
33/1 Paul Ryan
33/1 Rand Paul
40/1 George Pataki
40/1 Bill First
50/1 Sam Brownback
50/1 Arnold Schwarzenegger
100/1 Dick Cheney
500/1 Laura Bush

Next President
8/11 Barack Obama
6/1 Mitt Romney
10/1 Sarah Palin
16/1 Hillary Clinton
18/1 Mike Huckabee
18/1 Tim Pawlenty
20/1 John Boehner
25/1 Bobby Jindal
25/1 Newt Gingrich
25/1 Haley Barbour
25/1 Mitch Daniels
28/1 Jon Huntsman
33/1 Joe Biden
33/1 Fred Thompson
33/1 Bill Owens
33/1 David Petraeus
33/1 Chuck Hagel
33/1 Rick Perry
40/1 Evan Bayh
40/1 Rudolph Giuliani
40/1 Jeb Bush
40/1 Lindsey Graham
40/1 Michael Bloomberg
40/1 Chuck Baldwin
50/1 Tom Ridge
50/1 Ron Paul
50/1 Arnold Schwarzenegger
66/1 John McCain
66/1 Al Gore
66/1 Condaleeza Rice
66/1 John Edwards
66/1 George Allen
66/1 Mark Warner
66/1 Caroline Kennedy
66/1 Rand Paul
80/1 Bill Frist
80/1 George Pataki
100/1 John Kerry
100/1 Jim Webb
100/1 Kathleen Sebelius
100/1 Tim Kaine
100/1 Sam Brownback
100/1 Janet Napolitano
100/1 Paul Ryan


Published on Wednesday, October 20th, 2010 at 10:52 am.

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