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Many online bingo sites host regular charity events and some are operated by charitable concerns

When the bingo game first made a really big social impact in the US in the 1930’s it was because a Catholic priest approached the major distributor of the game and asked if he could use it for fund raising in the church. The distributor Edwin Lowe agreed and the rest as they say is history. Bingo has raised more church roofs, fed more church orphans, elderly people and built more church halls than any other gambling activity ever heard of.

The transformation of bingo from land based bingo halls to online gaming sites has been quite a fast process. Essentially although online bingo was available in the US since the late 1990′8, it didn’t really catch on in the UK until about four years ago. At this time, high speed broadband started making its way across the UK, and this made playing online bingo a lot simpler, a well as a great deal more accessible to many more people.

Just because there are huge prizes and great promotions available when you play online bingo, does not mean to say that operators of this game have forgotten its roots. Many UK online bingo sites host regular charity events and in fact some online bingo sites are operated by charitable concerns. A case in point would be Rehab Bingo which is operated by one of Ireland’s largest charitable concerns. Sites such as Gala Bingo, Crown Bingo and many others also have their own favorite charity which they organize special games for. This is indicative that bingo operators have not forgotten the roots of the game.


Published on Saturday, February 5th, 2011 at 9:45 am.

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