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Paddy Power Special: Dublin Cycle Scheme to be taken for a ride

Paddy Power

Paddy Power

Dublin Cycle Scheme to be taken for a ride

With Dublins long awaited bike rental scheme finally up and running, bookies Paddy Power Sports are betting on how many of the shinny new 450 rental bikes will be taken on a permanent ride by crooked cyclists before the end of this year.

Despite elaborate security measures put in place by Dublin City Council to prevent the new renal bikes getting nicked, Paddy Power Sports make a total theft of between 26-50 bikes their 2/1 favourite.

Paddy Power Sports said

Unbelievably over 8000 bikes have been stolen in less than two years in Paris where they operate a very similar scheme to the one launched in Dublin this week, with some of the bikes turning up as far a field as North Africa! Fingers crossed that our scheme will not suffer the same fate and hopefully cyclists will be able enjoy the many delights of Dublin city for years to come

Number of bikes reported stolen by Dublin City Council before 31/12/09

  • 5/1 None
  • 3/1 1 to 25
  • 2/1 26 to 50
  • 5/2 51 to 75
  • 3/1 More than 75

All prices remain subject to fluctuation.


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