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Poker Success Story: over 4 million pound profit

A guy from Watford known as Andrew Felman is just age 21 and has managed to scoop over 4 million pounds in 3 years playing poker. His story is an inspiration to all budding poker players out there but online and offline.

He was originally attracted to online poker by his brother. At the time his only earnings were 25 pound per week from a paper round, and he blew a whole 1 weeks wages on his 1st few internet poker games.

He soon learned how to play better and started to turn those early losses into wins. The wins increased until he was making about 5thousands pounds per day. Whilst he was doing this he was at the same time studying for his A levels.

Rather than take up a place to read Economics at University he decided to devote his time to poker and became a full time player. He soon became a serious tournament player and gained several good results including winning the 888 Poker Open Tournament.

Andrew Felman made a telly appearance on Poker Den where he played endurance poker for 36 hours. The tournament was televised and broadcast by Channel 5. In it he made over 63 thousand dollars coming 2nd behind Robert Williamson who scopped just a bit more than him.

Andrew Felman considers the American poker players to be much stronger overall than that of the UK. Andrew believes that the reason for this is purely because of television exposure.

The bottom line for Andrew Felman and his tips for playing poker whether it be online or offline is to online play people you have a high probability of beating and to always exercise patience.

He always tries to play with his head rather than his heart.

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