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Below you will find a list of genuine player reviews for PKR Poker. Player's reviews are submitted by fellow online poker players so they are totally independent of commercial companies, ensuring peace of mind and honest opinions. In addition to player's reviews, we also cast our own ratings and reviews of the PKR Poker website for you to compare with others and make your own judgement.

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PKR is more than just a pretty face. They use their advanced gaming technology to serve the game of poker and enhance user’s experience in ways no other poker room can. PKR’s unique ‘Emote control’ technology, combined with a number of other one-of-a-kind game features mean players on PKR can interact and engage with the game and each other in way that’s personal, involving and highly entertaining. PKR is bringing the personality into online poker.

Our Overview

Casino BonusOur PKR Poker review displays a showcase of top class functionalities and reasons why this poker room is becoming one of the internet’s best and most trusted online poker rooms to play with.  The graphics are fantastic and bring a new approach to the online poker world allowing you to create your own character and achieve actual poker moves such as bluffing.  Excellent technical support is at hand should you need it and PKR offers a number of bonuses including an outstanding £300 welcome bonus to all players. Use the link at the bottom of this review page to claim your £300 bonus. Payment methods that are available with PKR are Mastercard, Visa, NETeller, Solo, Switch, Maestro, Bank Transfer and Check.

What PKR Poker Customers are saying...
5 / 5 - is one of the newest online poker rooms and the first real 3D poker site. This software is the closest to playing live in a casino as you will find online. The 3D graphics are great and the added features give you unique options only found at

The avatars are fully customizable and you choose every aspect including voice, facial features, hair style, clothes, shoes, hats, sunglasses, football shirts, tattoos, body piercings, headphones and so much more. You can also use your PKR points to purchase bonus clothing and accessories.

4.5 / 5 - State of the art graphics. Simply put, this is the best software in terms of graphics available to online poker. I was very impressed by the details put into the visual presentation.

As far as traffic is concerned they have over 800,000 registered players, with sign up rate increasing by 50% each week. Also an average of 7,000 players can be found playing online during peak hours. I am sure the numbers here will grow steadily in the near future.

Using the above features to hone in on your opponents habits, and the player lobby stats, to help find a nice table, a good poker player can definitely make a decent profit. In fact, flops per hour at PKR.Com can often be found at well above 50.

5 / 5 - PKR is the first site to take online poker to the next level.  The site provides a huge improvement as far as the visual experience of playing online.  You can create your own avatar, and shape your personality however you choose.

At the tables you can express your feelings and persuade your opponents decisions.  Make a nice bluff?  Go ahead and clap your hands, then taunt your opponent.

Serious poker players have dished out criticism to PKR, stating that "I can't play 15 tables at 200 hands per hour".  Ok, stay at your other sites.  PKR is not for hard core poker players, it's for online players who like to have some fun while playing, instead of just being a blinking light at an oval table.

4.5 / 5 - Support is one of the most important things that separates a good online poker room from a great one. PKR Poker offers a full line of customer support that is available around the clock to ensure that any player in need of help can get in touch with the right person.

There are many ways to contact the customer support including technical faq, game faq, account faq, and of course customer support using email, live web chat for instant help, call back services where they call you to help, and phone numbers where you can reach the customer support center.

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